"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine.

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22 | Female

I love to talk or hang out with everyone! I'm generally quite unless making or with friends! I posse the most wonderful, and kind friendship! Never be afraid to say hello!

If you ever need to contact me:

Discord: Karea#7613
Email: noobiekmh@yahoo.com

12/29/2020~ Beta, Verdant Valley (formally Estrella Errante)
07/17/2020~ Gamma, Verdant Valley (formally Estrella Errante)
03/24/2020~ Helper, Estrella Errante
11/12/2019~ Co-Owner, CanineCarribean
03/10/2020~ Retired, Daemonus
09/07/2019~ Owner of Daemonus
02/08/2020~ Retired, Arcturus
08/15/2019~ Gamma, Arcturus
08/05/2019~ Helper, Fox Paradise
10/30/2019~ Gamma, Fox Paradise
11/15/2019~ Beta, Fox Paradise
01/05/2020~ Alpha, Fox Paradise
12/07/2017~ Raven-Woods/Gamevial Community- Retired Admin/Patreon, Currently a Moderator


Wolf RP Information

Name: Eyota

"It's about survival. I will do whatever it takes to stay alive. If more mutts thought like me, we'd all be better off."

Dire Wolf

Eyota is a massive female that holds a lithe figure despite being packed with rippling muscles. She has a shaggy white pelt, decorated with shades of charcoal, greys and ivory hues. Noteworthy features, is her long forelegs with massive paws, and the left foreleg famed by a livid scar from past hassles. Broad features and a massive tail, the female can be noted with black tipped ears and unusual white teeth. Upon battle, long and honed claws perfect her long snout, full of tapered teeth. However, besides her bulky and aggressive look, the female contains a pair of piercing, icy optics that contrast with her hostile appearance and compliment her unique coloration.

Blackwolfx99- You've been there from the start baby! ♥
Collie- The future awaits us ♥
Declan- My true auntie c;
Lys- Cuddle buddie forever
Teaa- My munchkin


[1:30am] Kata: You know wHAT
[1:30am] Kata: My internet isn't so great

[1:30am] Neraka: done
[1:30am] Neraka: <.< owo
[1:31am] Kata: Tyyy:hearts:
[1:31am] Neraka: look like you're about to chew me out in public
[1:31am] Neraka: but in private
[1:31am] Neraka: ehARTS

[1:31am] Kata: Can someone explain to me what :<
[1:31am] Kata: Wtf is this
[1:31am] Kata: :<
[1:31am] Jellybean: sad shark face
[1:31am] Skrik: :<
[1:31am] Jellybean: :<
[1:31am] Neraka: sad face
[1:31am] Skrik: :v
[1:31am] Neraka: :<
[1:31am] Jellybean: oh god it reminds me of my nose you wanna see kata?

~ 6/26/19

[1:26am] declan: i mean just give the woman a baby
[1:26am] Jellybean: yeah skrik
[1:26am] Neraka: o h
[1:26am] declan: it is her body so
[1:26am] Kata: Yip
[1:26am] Neraka: it's his sperm
[1:26am] declan: not like you're gonna be the one with it all the time
[1:27am] declan: maybe
[1:27am] declan: idk
[1:27am] Neraka: wiggle wiggle spermy spermy
[1:27am] Jellybean: wtf neraka lmfao
[1:27am] Neraka: c: