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Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say.

I think more than I speak. And I notice more than you realize.

Denied and Black (Trash-Klng)
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Denied and Black (ElenPanter)

I dreamt of us, flying away.
But alas, in the past, I have been lead astray.
My heart and mind are in dark disarray,
for my belief in love is in exponential decay.
Yet my gaze still follows you like predator and prey.
But, oh, your interest does not sway my way.
And even if that was not the case,
my demons will always keep me at bay.

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Denied (Lap), RosaDeOro (Horn), Nekare (Back), Momo34532 (Tail), Anna (Denied's Tail), Voltaire (Lap) (ShatteredFeelings)
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Denied, Rosa, Nekare, Momo, and Black (Xeebee)

Even in death,
my heart ached.
Longed for the love it felt,
in every beat, in every moment.
Deep down where darkness lies,
it continued to beat,
it continued to remember,
even as it was tortured and shattered.
Even in broken pieces, it still feels.

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Katie McGrath (As Lena Luther from Supergirl)


You are the person I trust most in this world. The only person I trust with my life without question. You're the most loyal and trustowrthy person I know. I love you so much, my soul sister. I'm so honored to be in your life. You're so amazing. You and I have the best conversations and go all weirdo-mode on each other. I will always be there for you, when your're sad, mad, happy, or any mood really. I just always want to talk to you and love you. I will always love you and love you with my whole heart. You hold my soul and whole heart, and you will always hold it as I will always hold yours.

Where do I start my soul sister, my beautiful, my everything? You’re absolutely, completely, utterly amazing. You’re so loyal and trustworthy. Words cannot describe the depth of my love for you. Truly, you are the sister to my soul. You keep me sane, you help me when my past comes to haunt me, and you make me laugh like no one else. Talking to you means everything to me and knowing you trust me so much means the world to me. You’ve been with me through all the pain, sadness, and of course, happiness. We’ve legit never fought and I would do anything for you. I remember those nights when I stayed up late with you, just so you knew someone cared. And I care. I care about you so much. I just love you with everything I have, so stay strong, for I am and will always be with you.

Real Name: Ava
Usernames: Denied (Wolfing)
Nicknames: Soul Sister, Noodle, Dickhole

I'm your B.F.F: your broke friend forever.

Denied and Black (Denied)

Anna and Black (CasArtss)

My best friend in real life. You've been there since 5th grade and I love you for how beautiful you are inside. We don't talk much irl because of school but I treasure the times we do get to talk irl. You're one of the few that I truly trust and have always been there for me. We've never fought and even with our different interests, we always are loyal and truthful to each other. I love you.

Do you think I'm weird? -Definitely

Lucy from Elfen Lied (Blackwolfx99)

Nekare and Black (Reviro)

My second longest known friend on this list, someone I adore, the one friend who disappears for months but comes back and reminds me of our friendship. You radiate beauty and I hope you find someone who treats you only the best because you truly deserve the best. I will always remember you and think of you.

Real Name: Kristina
Usernames: Nekare (Chatlands and Wolfing)
Nicknames: Neky, Cereal Stalker

Denied, Nekare, and Black (CasArtss)

Momo and Black (GermanDark

My best friend who has been there for so long and is has been here for the longest time on this list. I know we haven't talked in a long time because you're busy but I still love you so much. You protected me, you advised me, and you just supported me so much. Thank you so much, I will always remember you.

Real Name: Luca
Usernames Momo34532 (Chatlands and Wolfing), Moomoo34532 (Chatlands)
Nicknames: Momo

Momo and Black (Espherio)

Zorro and Black (Toxicthewolf94)

You're amazing. Truly, you were my first love and serious boyfriend, and you always be my brother and best friend. I still can't believe that even though we trusted each other in only 4 days, which is really short, that we still trust each other and care so much for each other. We lost each other for a while but we both knew we had lost a real friend and I'm so glad we're best friends again.< You're loyal and caring to no end and I know that I can trust you with anything./p>

Real Name: Sam
Usernames Savage (Chatlands), Dob (Chatlands), Voltiare (Chatlands), Code (Chatlands), Zorro (Wolfing)
Nicknames: Zorrobae, Asshole, Grummpyass

What the fuck is this fuck?

Zorro, Raven-Fallington, and Black (Abyssus-Cruor)

Rosa and Black (FireMaster13)

I really do love you, Rosa. You are my parallel soul, my best friend, and the person who really does understand. You haven't been there as long as some of my other friends, but for the time you have been there, it's been amazing. I really do understand you and I truly care for you. I'm always here for you and will always love you.

Rosa, I remember the day we met. It was a few days before my ex and I broke up. I asked for your advice on relationships and remembered holding your words. You loved my realistic art and wanted me to teach you. Then we both went single around the same time and then started dating someone around the same time.

You're funny, weird, and so kind. You're the only person who truly understands feeling love for someone who has left your life. You understand every poem I write about it, and help me through it. You supported me when I ranted, when I depressed, and even when I was pissed. We drifted between the times when we were with our exes, but came back together with understanding and friendship when we needed each other most. What happens to you, happens to me. What happens to me, happens to you. Three times we became single and in a relationship around the same time. Three times we felt the same way. Three times you've helped me through it. I truly understand you and I truly care for you. I'm always here for you and will always love you.

I really do love you, Rosa. You are my parallel, my best friend, and the person who really does understand. You haven't been there as long as some of my other friends, but for the time you have been there, it's been amazing. I wish with all my heart that we will not lose each other and always find each other again.

Real Name: Allison
Usernames Egg (Chatlands), GoldenRose (Wolfing), RosaDeOro (Wolfing), MoustacheBro (Wolfing), Droga Cigarro (Wolfing)
Nicknames: Rosa, Ali, Bish, Partner in Crime, Gamer Buddy


Rosa and Black (Chi-lali)

Back Black (H-A-R-P-A-G-O-N)

blackwolfx99 blacky you have been there for me for 2 years and I love you your like a brother to me I will never ever hurt you

Blackwolfx99 (My Protector): bebe

fuck you XFang you just like the others accept for Blackwolfx99

BTW blackiee thank you for everything I miss you and you talked to me which made my dad I was about to start crying irl but you came into the room and I felt my world brighten up because you talked to me I will never forget meeting you

That one player (Blackwolfx99)
My closest friend (Blackwolfx99)

Heh,You went far and beyond. you gained my trust within minutes. (Dont screw that up.c: ) Youre one of a kind,And i like that. You really understand my shit that i say,and my roleplay violentance.c: Glad to count you as my Partner in Crime.Welcome to the list buddy! (Dont dare touch him.He's Meinnnnn ♥)

Beloved Crush:

X HeartKeeper X
"My Heart Is Taken By BlackWolfx99.For He,Holds The Key To It.:hearts:"
-Hetro snarled "Back The Fuck Off,He's Mine,Not Yours.."

My Heartkeeper/Beloved is blackwolfx99. He's mine,sadly.He has to put up this sick-mess. But,I love him for him. He's caring for his friends,family,etc. That's my type of guy.Really..I really do love Blackeh for being himself. I couldnt save another,cause he's one of a kind.

F [4:35pm] Savage: Alright.
[4:35pm] Savage: You have my trust.
[4:35pm] blackwolfx99: thanks :)
[4:35pm] Savage: Which no one gets. But you will
[4:35pm] blackwolfx99: ♥
[4:36pm] Savage: No problem c:
[4:36pm] Savage: ♥

- Blackwolfx99. ♥
~Black, i known you for so long and i finally got you a chance to call you mine once more. I know i have been nonsupport and such a prick for not coming on. Im glad you forgave me. I'm glad for you to be back.:hearts: He means everything to me. He is what i called my beloved. Even though we have been there through thick and thin. I love you.

X My beloved heart belongs to Neraka|Blackwolfx99 ♥
Truly, lay a claw onto him and i will be an understatement of your kind. He is my one and only thing that keeps me breathing. He's mine. Not yours. .F.U.C.K.O.F.F.

{Blackwolfx99}- You earn my respect, you have my trust..don't break it or will fall with me..That's how it goes my friend

Just a little somethin somethin for the 2 most important people in my life on chats. Blackwolfx99 and Anuka. You guys are amazing and im truly greatful to have you in my life. You are true friends and i want you to know you mean the world to me. Thank you for helping me through my hard times I am forever here for you! Never forget that I Love You!! ♥ your friendship is everything c:

Currently married to Anuka and Blackwolfx99 c: Best marriages ever ♥ nobody will come between us my loves!

Blackwolfx99- Blacky, you and I didn't get off on the right note at first, you took consideration in on me and we became friends, your an amazing friend. I can talk about whatever I want to you and you won't judge me. Your always there for me. Your one of my best friends. Your an amazing person and I'm glad we became friends, I'm very lucky to be your friend.

old friend of mine and I have known him for 3+ years

Blackwolfx99/Nerkaka took me in and raised me as his own and if you hurt him I will get you mark my words

-Blackwolfx99/Cordinous (♥ Eric ♥) // I love you so much!
(Eric, I've known you forever and a day and we're still best friends. You've helped me through alot and I thank you for it. I love your company and I'm so glad i get to share my time with you.♥♥)

-Blackwolfx99: It seems like I have known you forever and we have been through a lot together. You are a very close friend of mine and I would go to the ends of the earth to make sure you were okay. Love you ♥♥♥ i hope we remain friends for a very long time!

Blackwolfx99- Before you became my brudder,you were already like a brother to me, you are nice and caring and so gentle and kind. I would hate to ever loose you. I love you as brother or not. Just make sure Ghost becomes my sister-in-law! xD

Blackwolfx99: i have known you longer than anyone else on here, 4 YEARS BUDDY! i REMEMBEREDDDDDD! Anywho, you are someone i look up to, Your my ex yes, but I have known you longer than anyone you are like my big brother and a best friend combined, so.. i wrote this poem for you. "Roses are red, my name is not dave, this makes no sense microwave!"( poem is something i found online) I luv ya bud! You have always been there for me and ill always be there for you!!! You will always be there to protect me and u are hillarious, keep up the good work, luv ya bro! ANDDDDDDD you sir were the first person i tried to castrate, so warn all those whom piss me off so they dont lose their manhood as you almost did XD You deserved it, idk what for but when i come up with something ill tell ya ;)

My Better Half
Partner in Crime

a bestfriend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.

Blacky, I can not thank you enough for always being there for me.
You're truly the only one who understands me, and knows what I go through.
We both always seem to go through the same things at the same time, perhaps it is destiny. We were destined to meet so we could help eachother. You are honestly my life line. I have no idea what I would do without you. The day I was completely a mess, and heart broken, you did not leave me alone. You refused to leave me alone, I was vulnerable. You were there for me that night, you soothed me and pacified me. I honestly am so grateful that you didn't leave me. You are so amazing, and perfect in all ways. I can not find the words to describe how amazing you are to me. You are truly one of a few that I really do love. I always look forward to talking to you, because you always cheer me up even with just your presence. I will always give you my best, because you always bring the best out of me.


i know i can always joke around with you, because that's just how we are. i honestly wouldn't dare being weird with anyone else but you. i can always be my true self whenever you're here. i can not explain how happy i get when i see your name pop up on my phone, or when i see that you're online. i want to show you off so badly to everyone, but they'll all just get jealous and try to steal you from me. you were always there for me, and tho I may not be there WITH you, i will always be THERE for you. Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me. If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together…
there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you. I've only opened up to a few people, and you're one who really does understand me. Whenever I cry, you're there to dry my tears. Whenever I'm sad, you're there to wipe it off and put a smile on my face. Whenever I'm alone, you're always coming right away to keep me company.

Two friends walking

I love you so much. I will forever and always be grateful for the day we met. I'm so glad we reached out to eachother, if we didn't.. then i'd be hella empty and sad. A circle is round, it has no ends, that’s how long I want to be your best friend. Any day I spend with you is my favorite day. To the world you may be one person, but to me, you are my world. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. You're different. You're a little crazy, and awkward, and your smile alone can make my day.

A best friend is someone who makes you laugh even when you think you’ll never smile again

My Everything
My Reason to Smile
My Dream Come True
i love you.

Black (Flichen)

Denied and Black (SmolSaltball)

I see you there.
My heart, oh my heart.
It beats, faster and faster.
A pain spreads in my heart.
Piercing, painful.
A dread creeps from my heart to brain.
How could my heart be so excited?
Yet be in such pain?
Love and pain wash over me.
The painful beat of my heart.
The love I have for you.
Perhaps they're the same.
But I remember a time.
When I loved you without any pain.

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Wentworth Miller (As Captain Cold from Legeds of Tomorrow), Caity Lotz (As Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow)
Wentworth Miller (As Captain Cold from Legeds of Tomorrow), Caity Lotz (As Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow)

Denied Funnies
Denied and Black (Denied)

W3NDlG0 - Today at 6:21 PM
what should I put in "about me"
something trashy
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 6:21 PM
that you're my best friend
and that you're take af
W3NDlG0 - Today at 6:22 PM
oh fuck off

I've made mistakes, okay, but I mean I'm not really proud of them.
Except this one mistake...c;
Ohh ;D being my friend. JKJK I know what cxx I would never regret that mistake either cx

W3NDlG0 - Today at 5:55 PM
but nO
you're nice than me ;w;
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 5:55 PM
you're nicer ;.;;
W3NDlG0 - Today at 5:55 PM
you are

W3NDlG0 - Today at 8:20 PM
you passive aggressive asshat
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 8:21 PM
I told you you were sweeter

Blackwolfx99 - Today at 10:43 PM
regret - Today at 10:44 PM

deadroses - Today at 7:29 PM
thought i lost my phone
first place i grabbed was my crotch
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 7:29 PM

[4:26:35 PM] Blackwolfx99: nubba
[4:27:18 PM] Denied: brutha
[4:27:45 PM] Blackwolfx99: sista
[4:27:50 PM] Denied: motha
[4:28:04 PM] Blackwolfx99: d a d d y
[4:28:12 PM] Denied: woah

[7:25:06 PM] Denied: i'll buy you valentines gifts on valentines day
[7:25:08 PM] Denied: o k
[7:25:11 PM] Denied: for both you and den
[7:25:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: alhgae
[7:25:37 PM] Blackwolfx99: yAsss
[7:25:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: "High key platonic flirting"
[7:25:45 PM] Denied: ayasss
[7:25:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: as the title
[7:25:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: and Den like rolling his eyes at my gayness xD
[7:26:17 PM] Denied: pfft
[7:26:18 PM] Denied: he'd laugh
[7:26:27 PM] Blackwolfx99: lmoa yayy
[7:26:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: and then kiss you
[7:26:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: .
[7:26:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: and I'll be like eye brow wiggle creeps behind a bush
[3:11:25 PM] Denied: kicks your mothafockin shin
[3:11:32 PM] Capz: CouGh
[3:11:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: sCreAMS
[3:11:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: kickS your shin bACK
[3:12:06 PM] Blackwolfx99: I bet this is how we would fight irl
[3:12:08 PM] Denied: sCREE
[3:12:09 PM] Blackwolfx99: shin kicks
[3:12:09 PM] Denied: ikr
[3:12:10 PM] Blackwolfx99: xD
[3:12:14 PM] Blackwolfx99: we wouldn't yell
[3:12:16 PM] Blackwolfx99: or punch
[3:12:18 PM] Denied: just
[3:12:20 PM] Blackwolfx99: SHIN FUCKING KICK
[3:12:23 PM] Denied: YES
[3:12:25 PM] Denied: AYAS
[3:12:26 PM] Capz: one hell of a weird relationship
[3:12:28 PM] Blackwolfx99: AYAS
[3:12:30 PM] Denied: lmaoo
[3:12:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: Capz, you have no idea xDD
[5:45:59 PM] Blackwolfx99: I don't know how he puts up with me
[5:46:44 PM] Denied: pfft
[5:46:45 PM] Denied: neither do i
[5:48:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: well
[5:48:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: you put up with me so
[5:48:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: nubba
[5:51:24 PM] Denied: pfft
[5:51:27 PM] Denied: i guess so
[5:52:09 PM] Denied: kICKS YOUR SHIN
[5:52:16 PM] Denied: ILL BEAT YO ASS
[5:52:28 PM] Denied: RIGHT NOOOOWWW
[5:53:37 PM] Blackwolfx99: SCREEECHES
[5:53:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: I read that as "licks your shin" first
[5:54:58 PM] Denied: oh
[5:54:59 PM] Denied: now i see it
[5:54:59 PM] Denied: .
[5:54:59 PM] Denied: bUT NO BLACK
[5:55:27 PM] Denied: nO

r o s e11/29/2018
im in the bathroom
shitting while texting me
r o s e11/29/2018
casually watcehs porn
r o s e11/29/2018
watching porn while you test me
r o s e11/29/2018
no surprise
I'm a horny bitch
r o s e11/29/2018
I expected you to be reading your bible!!!
bible on sex

deadroses - Today at 8:47 PM
you're a d orky asshat
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 8:47 PM
you're a l oving dickhole

Blackwolfx99 - Today at 7:22 PM
deadroses - Today at 7:22 PM

deadroses - Today at 4:00 PM
calm yo titties
soothe your boobs
de stress yo breasts
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 4:01 PM

[6:04:17 PM] Denied: you know what i see
[6:04:19 PM] Denied: i see
[6:04:20 PM] Denied: ldkngiuknfaleiowhcvkjn
[6:04:21 PM] Denied: ok
[6:04:22 PM] Blackwolfx99: my dick
[6:04:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: you see my dick
[6:04:36 PM] Denied: you don't have a dick black
[6:04:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: hell yes I do
[6:04:43 PM] Denied: rememberrrr?
[6:04:46 PM] Denied: o
[6:04:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: it's plastic
[6:04:50 PM] Blackwolfx99: ok
[6:04:53 PM] Denied: ewe
[6:04:59 PM] Blackwolfx99: don't discriminate that plastic dick

[5:06:32] Denied: DROP KICKS BLACK
[5:06:35] Denied:BOOM!
[5:06:37] Blackwolfx99: KICKS SHIN
[5:06:39] Denied: just left
[5:06:41] Blackwolfx99: just left

[4:45:57 PM] Denied: lol this girl looks like a penis
[4:45:58 PM] Denied: .
[4:46:12 PM] Blackwolfx99: you look like
[4:46:13 PM] Blackwolfx99: a penis
[4:46:20 PM] Denied: you are a
[4:46:21 PM] Denied: penis
[4:46:27 PM] Blackwolfx99: I am
[4:46:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: your penis
[4:46:41 PM] Denied: get between my legs
[4:46:43 PM] Denied: shoves
[4:46:45 PM] Denied: jk
[4:46:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: I am already in between your legs
[4:47:00 PM] Denied: o-o
[4:47:02 PM] Denied: no homo
[4:47:04 PM] Blackwolfx99: but I'm so small you can't feel me :c
[4:47:07 PM] Blackwolfx99: no HOMO LMAO
[4:47:14 PM] Denied: fork y

Blackwolfx99 - Today at 9:00 PM
deadroses - Today at 9:00 PM
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 9:01 PM
deadroses- Today at 9:01 PM
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 9:01 PM
You'd taste like a noodle anyway

Blackwolfx99Yesterday at 8:35 PM

let go
we'll be old peeps
deadrosesYesterday at 8:38 PM
Blackwolfx99Yesterday at 8:38 PM

deadrosesYesterday at 8:38 PM
“Bitch give me my cane”
Blackwolfx99Yesterday at 8:38 PM
deadrosesYesterday at 8:38 PM
Be those like super sassy grannies
deadrosesLast Wednesday at 7:28 PM
I’d be lesbo for you if you weren’t my sissy and if I weren’t loyal

Blackwolfx99Last Wednesday at 7:28 PM
I do not want to kiss you
only on the cheek
deadrosesLast Wednesday at 7:28 PM
Yes :heart:
platonic kisses
platonically fucking
wait what
Blackwolfx99Last Wednesday at 7:28 PM
deadrosesLast Wednesday at 7:29 PM

Blackwolfx99 - Today at 7:42 PM

smiels ❤
smiles ❤
deadroses - Today at 7:42 PM
Blackwolfx99 - Today at 7:42 PM

[7:26:42 PM] Denied: You wouldn't be able to sleep at night black
[7:26:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: omg lmAO
[7:26:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'd get soundproof walls
[7:26:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: jsut for your room
[7:26:52 PM] Denied: i'm a loud bitch
[7:26:54 PM] Denied: lMAO
[7:27:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: exTrA thICc

deadrosesToday at 4:10 PM
Yeah I’m gay
i wanna scissor the shit out of somebody
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:10 PM
raises hand
no homo
deadrosesToday at 4:10 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:11 PM
oh god that would be awkward

deadrosesToday at 4:32 PM
We’re connecting
on a spiritual level
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:32 PM
we are already
deadrosesToday at 4:32 PM
we share the same thought process
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:32 PM
we connecteed everywhere
even my dick in your vagina
deadrosesToday at 4:32 PM
Wait what
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:33 PM
no homo
deadrosesToday at 4:33 PM

Blackwolfx99Today at 6:02 PM
I would never date him
might do
straight shit with him
wolfgariusToday at 6:02 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 6:02 PM
I would straddle denied, try kissing her, do weird lesbian positions on her like pinning her to the wall
wolfgariusToday at 6:03 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 6:03 PM
and I would stroke kb's abs, poke his muscles, maybe grab his dick-jkjkjk
deadrosesToday at 6:03 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 6:03 PM
deadrosesToday at 6:03 PM
im sorry ily wolf
wolfgariusToday at 6:03 PM
grab what dick? XDXDXD
Blackwolfx99 (Hiatus)Today at 6:03 PM
wolfgariusToday at 6:03 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 6:03 PM
wolfgariusToday at 6:03 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 6:03 PM

wolfgariusToday at 3:19 PM
Female body inspector KB
deadrosesToday at 3:19 PM
Fbi open up
Blackwolfx99Today at 3:19 PM
opens legs
I'm ready
wolfgariusToday at 3:19 PM
deadrosesToday at 3:19 PM
Blackwolfx99Today at 3:19 PM
wolfgariusToday at 3:19 PM

r o s e11/27/2018
i got nudes
show me
r o s e11/27
om g

Nekare Funnies
Nekare, Darkscar, WarrMutt, and Black (Chatlands)

[7:28am] blackwolfx99: still stalking eachother owo
[7:28am] Nekare: .
[7:30am] blackwolfx99: >.>
[7:30am] blackwolfx99: <.<
[7:30am] blackwolfx99: surrounded by stalkers
[7:31am] Nekare: Yeah, I am going to be in the serie called "stalker" soon
[7:31am] blackwolfx99: XD
[7:31am] blackwolfx99: Nekare the stalker
[7:31am] blackwolfx99: that should be your new title XD
[7:31am] Nekare: Nekare the serial stalker
[7:32am] blackwolfx99: >.>
[7:32am] DarkScar: Nekare the cereal stalker
[7:32am] blackwolfx99: XD XDX D
[7:32am] Nekare: xD'

Nekare: Screanshot of you farting in my face?
Nekare: Screenshot*
Nekare: :D
searchingstar: rip nek~ black farted XD
Nekare: xDD
blackwolfx99: XDXD
Nekare: -died-

NekareToday at 4:40 PM
It was like a snake
Blackwolfx99Today at 4:40 PM
a warm snake
NekareToday at 4:40 PM
Wiggle wiggle wiggle

[11:05am] blackwolfx99: sorry if it lags XD
[11:05am] blackwolfx99: XD
[11:06am] Nekare: "sorry if it lags"
[11:06am] Nekare: I think I know why xD
[11:06am] blackwolfx99: XD
[11:06am] blackwolfx99: its not called lag, its called quality XD
[11:07am] Nekare: Lmao!
[11:07am] Nekare: Do ... do I need to read all that? xD
[11:07am] blackwolfx99: *stalks blackwolfx99 snif*
[11:07am] blackwolfx99: yes :L
[11:07am] Nekare: D':
[11:07am] blackwolfx99: lamfo!
[11:07am] blackwolfx99: well hope it dosn't take a few hours e.e
[11:07am] blackwolfx99: x3
[11:08am] blackwolfx99: going on funnies D
[11:08am] blackwolfx99: XD
[11:08am] Nekare: Few hours?
[11:08am] Nekare: rest of my life

Nekare: The mother of dragons.
blackwolfx99: Momo is the father XD?
Nekare: Yes he is very productive.
blackwolfx99: "productive"
Nekare: Yes very productive. You should see him in action. He gets all of the dragons from the corners.
Nekare: XD
blackwolfx99:*Runs to corner of the room and tries to dig out*
Nekare: Blackie I see you.
Nekare: You can't hide from me.

[5:07pm] Nekare: Buy a sub and get a hug for free
[5:07pm] Neraka: Nekare, hearing your voice is worth more than any sub.
[5:07pm] Neraka: It. Is. So. Cute.
[5:07pm] DorkyKing: Smooth
[5:07pm] moomoo34532: Theres a car alarm going off
[5:07pm] Neraka: Thanks Dorky
[5:07pm] Jackrabbit: and we are the creepy ones >.>
[5:08pm] Neraka: <.<
[5:08pm] Neraka: Oh that reminds me
[5:08pm] Neraka: one of your alphas
[5:08pm] Jackrabbit: is a furry
[5:08pm] Neraka: change my title to Dragon Power's Official Stalker
[5:08pm] moomoo34532: Gasp
[5:08pm] Neraka: oR eLSE
[5:08pm] Neraka: jkjk
[5:08pm] DorkyKing: //sweats
[5:08pm] Neraka: <
[5:08pm] Neraka: whO
[5:08pm] Neraka: I wiLl fIND OuT

[5:49pm] Nekare: "[2:48am] Neraka: Stalks you and Darky on the forums mahhhahaha" like in the forum
[5:49pm] Nekare: Most people stalk on facebook, but Blackie, use the forum
[5:49pm] Mug: It always feels like- somebody's watching me~~ And I've got no privacy~ Wooahoh~
[5:49pm] Neraka: xDDDD
[5:49pm] Nekare: It's just blackie stalking you in the forum
[5:50pm] Neraka: xDDD
[5:50pm] Nekare: Blackie, you could be a creepy stalking clown
[5:50pm] Neraka: Oh yes
[5:50pm] Mug: *holds a DP cross at Black* The power of Dragons compels you!!!
[5:50pm] Neraka: And I thought you were Nekare the Cereal Stalker :o
[5:51pm] Nekare: I am, I use cereal to stalk people
[5:51pm] Mug: stop stalking my cereal omg
[5:51pm] Nekare: Blackie, the forum stalker
[5:52pm] Neraka: OMG YESSS
[5:52pm] Neraka: I LOVEIT
[5:52pm] Neraka: No it should be
[5:52pm] Neraka: Blackie, the Nekare Stalker
[5:52pm] Mug: stalks Blacky stalking on forums
[5:52pm] Nekare: Blackie, the forum Darky, Nekare stalker
[5:52pm] Neraka: xDD
[5:52pm] Neraka: Yeeee
[5:52pm] Nekare: Stalks Mug, stalking blackie on forum
[5:53pm] Mug: eW

Nekare and Black (Chatlands)

Momo34532 Funnies
Momo and Black (GermanDark)

[4:07pm] momo34532: he yblack
[4:07pm] momo34532: whats that on your nose?
[4:07pm] blackwolfx99: gage
[4:08pm] blackwolfx99: no clue
[4:08pm] momo34532: -slam- it is pain.
[4:08pm] blackwolfx99: fliches
[4:08pm] blackwolfx99: excuse meh ):c
[4:08pm] momo34532: excuse you
[4:08pm] momo34532: did i win yet
[4:09pm] blackwolfx99: nope XD
[4:09pm] momo34532: hrm
[4:09pm] blackwolfx99: still have my eyes open
[4:09pm] blackwolfx99: still in staring contest mode :O
[4:09pm] momo34532: until i poke your eyes mwuhaha

[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: MOMO
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: CHILD YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR SNIFF
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: LIKE NOW
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: *Hair flip* He's ignoring me!
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: xD
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: totally not me D
[8:22pm] blackwolfx99: xD
[8:27pm] moomoo34532: WHY DO I HAVE TO
[8:27pm] moomoo34532: IM TO LAZY
[8:27pm] blackwolfx99: BECAUSE I'M YO MEAN PARENT
[8:27pm] VvJinxvV: editing sniff o3o
[8:27pm] moomoo34532: NO
[8:27pm] blackwolfx99: YES
[8:27pm] blackwolfx99: *SLAP*
[8:27pm] moomoo34532: NEkare is my mommy
[8:27pm] moomoo34532: -giggle-
[8:28pm] blackwolfx99: SHE IS YOUR MATE DUMMY
[8:28pm] blackwolfx99: she wouldn't make a bad mother for you
[8:28pm] blackwolfx99: she can control you
[8:28pm] blackwolfx99: .
[8:28pm] blackwolfx99: Intense evil laughter
[8:28pm] moomoo34532: you way
[8:28pm] moomoo34532: t
[8:28pm] moomoo34532: she ca
[8:28pm] moomoo34532: she controlls me in
[8:28pm] moomoo34532: ways
[8:29pm] moomoo34532: you can't imagine
[8:29pm] blackwolfx99: LAMO
[8:29pm] moomoo34532: yeah
[8:29pm] moomoo34532: lamo
[8:29pm] moomoo34532: you know

[8:01pm] moomoo34532: BLACK
[8:01pm] pamme: XD
[8:01pm] moomoo34532: YOUR BLACK
[8:01pm] ScottieisSmoosh: sHH
[8:01pm] moomoo34532: O MY FLIP
[8:01pm] Neraka: AM NOT
[8:02pm] moomoo34532: AM TO
[8:02pm] Neraka: SHUT UP WOMAN
[8:02pm] ScottieisSmoosh: \dads a woman now
[8:03pm] moomoo34532: NOOO
[8:03pm] ScottieisSmoosh: just like caitlyn jenner
[8:03pm] ScottieisSmoosh: .
[8:03pm] ScottieisSmoosh: bruce
[8:03pm] moomoo34532: omg xDDDD
[8:03pm] ScottieisSmoosh: lol
[8:03pm] moomoo34532: im dead
[8:03pm] Neraka: ya
[8:03pm] Neraka: you are
[8:04pm] wolvesarelife: mokoso
[8:04pm] wolvesarelife: .
[8:04pm] moomoo34532: i have a winkie
[8:04pm] moomoo34532: no woman
[8:04pm] moomoo34532: man
[8:05pm] Neraka: xDDDDD
[8:05pm] ScottieisSmoosh: *Whispers in dads ear* Hello Clarice
[8:05pm] ScottieisSmoosh: no
[8:05pm] ScottieisSmoosh: thats
[8:05pm] ScottieisSmoosh: silence of the lambs
[8:05pm] ScottieisSmoosh: Bruce
[8:06pm] Neraka: YES
[8:06pm] Neraka: MOMO
[8:06pm] Neraka: YOU ARE
[8:06pm] Neraka: FEMALE
[8:06pm] Neraka: And
[8:06pm] Neraka: um
[8:06pm] Neraka: Nekare
[8:06pm] ScottieisSmoosh: *drags babe to the pile*
[8:06pm] Neraka: is still female
[8:06pm] Neraka: and um
[8:06pm] ScottieisSmoosh: Mom is mom
[8:06pm] ScottieisSmoosh: dad is mom
[8:06pm] ScottieisSmoosh: mom
[8:06pm] Neraka: you somehow (wink wink) made babies c:
[8:06pm] searchingstar: XDDD
[8:07pm] Neraka: Xddd
[8:07pm] Neraka: I made
[8:07pm] Neraka: him
[8:07pm] Neraka: one
[8:07pm] Neraka: oh
[8:07pm] Neraka: snap
[8:07pm] ScottieisSmoosh: <
[8:07pm] Neraka: owo
[8:07pm] Neraka: don't kill me
[8:07pm] Neraka: .
[8:07pm] ScottieisSmoosh: what kind of surgery did you give my fath- mother
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: I
[8:07pm] Neraka: um
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: AM
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: A
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: MAN
[8:07pm] Neraka: transgender
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: GOD
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: STOP
[8:07pm] Neraka: AFTER TRANSGENDER
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: -feels-
[8:07pm] moomoo34532: no idon't
[8:07pm] ScottieisSmoosh: lmao
[8:07pm] wolvesarelife: hh
[8:07pm] searchingstar: <.< BLAACKK HOW COULD YOUUU?! XDD
[8:07pm] Neraka: LAMO
[8:07pm] ScottieisSmoosh: I
[8:08pm] ScottieisSmoosh: just have a slab of skin
[8:08pm] wolvesarelife: slaps searching with legs u so close to meh legs
[8:08pm] ScottieisSmoosh: no genitals

[4:14pm] Rue: bewb
[4:14pm] moomoo34532: boob
[4:14pm] Blackwolfx99: danke Booby Master
[4:14pm] Rue: snores
[4:15pm] Alvarita: just entered
[4:15pm] moomoo34532: Helluuuu
[4:15pm] Blackwolfx99: Akcaruta M3
[4:15pm] Blackwolfx99: Alvarita ♥
[4:15pm] Blackwolfx99: Meet Rue, The Booby Master.
[4:15pm] Alvarita: xD
[4:16pm] moomoo34532: pot
[4:17pm] Rue: pfff
[4:17pm] Rue: i am not
[4:17pm] moomoo34532: heh
[4:19pm] Blackwolfx99: xD
[4:19pm] Blackwolfx99: Booby Master xSD
[4:19pm] moomoo34532: what iss going on
[4:20pm] Rue: sneezes all over on you
[4:20pm] Blackwolfx99: give meh all the sneezes Booby Master
[4:20pm] Alvarita: Oml lol.
[4:20pm] Blackwolfx99: xD
[4:21pm] Rue: x-x
[4:21pm] moomoo34532: ohno
[4:21pm] Blackwolfx99: I know you like it Alva, being you're giggling on SKype xD
[4:21pm] moomoo34532: black...
[4:21pm] moomoo34532: Creeeepy
[4:21pm] Blackwolfx99: wut
[4:21pm] moomoo34532: xD
[4:21pm] Blackwolfx99: I know
[4:21pm] Alvarita: XD
[4:21pm] Alvarita: We're on skype call.
[4:22pm] Alvarita: xD
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: xD
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: ♥
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: Love ya all too
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: DRGAS MOMO
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: you are the
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: Male Organ Master
[4:22pm] moomoo34532: What? xD
[4:22pm] moomoo34532: i am dad
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: Penis
[4:22pm] Blackwolfx99: .
[4:23pm] moomoo34532: THE ALLFa...
[4:23pm] moomoo34532: whay
[4:23pm] Blackwolfx99: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Zorro Funnies
Back Zorro and Black (Toxicthewolf94)

[4:21:47 PM] Zorro: No, I'm transgender lmao
[4:21:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: zorro be trans boi
[4:21:51 PM] BlueberryMangoJam: confusion
[4:21:55 PM] Zorro: It's when
[4:21:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: zorro has no periods
[4:21:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: no boobs
[4:22:02 PM] Blackwolfx99: but still has a vagina
[4:22:04 PM] Blackwolfx99: I think
[4:22:06 PM] Zorro: I was born female. But now it's
[4:22:06 PM] Blackwolfx99: I never asked that one...
[4:22:12 PM] Zorro: Nah, my surgery went well lmao
[4:22:15 PM] Blackwolfx99: OH
[4:22:17 PM] Blackwolfx99: PENIS?
[4:22:18 PM] BlueberryMangoJam: o k a y
[4:22:19 PM] Zorro: jk havent gotten the money
[4:22:20 PM] Blackwolfx99: YO UHAVE ONE NOW?
[4:22:22 PM] Blackwolfx99: damn it
[4:22:25 PM] Blackwolfx99: got me going fora second
[4:22:25 PM] Blackwolfx99: damn it

[5:32:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: YOUR SNIFF IS FINALL YDONE
[5:32:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: oh SHIT
[5:32:51 PM] Zorro: no
[5:32:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: NVM
[5:32:51 PM] Zorro: LMAO
[5:32:54 PM] Blackwolfx99: THAT'S IMSATAN'S SNIFF
[5:33:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: fuck
[5:33:01 PM] Blackwolfx99: ok
[5:33:07 PM] Blackwolfx99: hits myeslf over the head
[5:33:08 PM] Blackwolfx99: dumB

[6:09pm] blackwolfx99: COME HERE
6:09pm] Savage (x55a858a49adf5:278): DONT YEL AT ME WOMAN
[6:10pm] blackwolfx99: giggle
[6:10pm] Savage: I FELL SO LOVED BY U TO
[6:10pm] Savage: cx

[6:55:09 PM] Blackwolfx99: don't mind Symi and I
[6:55:18 PM] Blackwolfx99: we're just battling it out
[6:55:23 PM] nuntuckthehusky: ello tay
[6:55:55 PM] Zorro: Knife vs Fidget Spinner
Symetrical left at 6:56 PM
[6:57:07 PM] Zorro: Black, you win
[6:57:16 PM] Zorro: fidget spinner finally win
[7:11:17 PM] Blackwolfx99: lmAO zorro
[7:11:20 PM] Blackwolfx99: after like 2 hours
[7:11:24 PM] Zorro: lmAo black
[7:11:24 PM] Blackwolfx99: of standing here
[7:11:27 PM] Blackwolfx99: on my stick legs
[7:11:30 PM] Blackwolfx99: hard work people
[7:11:34 PM] Zorro: yah you skinny
[7:11:36 PM] Zorro: fucking
[7:11:38 PM] Zorro: person
[7:11:49 PM] Zorro: i mean you're all bone
[7:11:55 PM] Zorro: look at that

[1:45:11 PM] Blackwolfx99: hips normally
[1:45:13 PM] Blackwolfx99: growls before periods
[1:45:14 PM] Blackwolfx99: so...
[1:45:18 PM] Zorro: and im just now noticing
[1:45:18 PM] Blackwolfx99: grow
[1:45:20 PM] Zorro: 'growls'
[1:45:20 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAo
[1:45:22 PM] Blackwolfx99: SHIT
[1:45:24 PM] Blackwolfx99: SHUT
[1:45:30 PM] Zorro: LMAO
[1:45:40 PM] Zorro: yeah my hips growl when you touch them
[1:45:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: I hear 'em hips growling at me, I like
[1:45:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAo
[1:45:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: YAY
[1:45:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: like just
[1:45:59 PM] Blackwolfx99: touches hip while putting hand on hips to think
[1:46:01 PM] Blackwolfx99: "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"
[1:46:10 PM] Blackwolfx99: "DAMN IT NO HIPS, SHUT UP"
[1:46:22 PM] Zorro: LMAO
[1:46:24 PM] Zorro: my mind
[1:46:27 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[1:46:38 PM] Zorro: like 'grrr person. bite them."
[1:46:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: SNORTS

[10:10pm] Voltaire: and Bandit being a gaint ass female
[10:10pm] Neraka: <.<
[10:10pm] Neraka: Black is on the larger side
[10:10pm] Voltaire: i thought it would work
[10:10pm] Neraka: big dick
[10:10pm] Voltaire: n0
[10:10pm] Neraka: y es
[10:10pm] Voltaire: no
[10:10pm] Voltaire: Bandit is big
[10:10pm] Neraka: can she handle his p
[10:10pm] Voltaire: huge
[10:10pm] Neraka: o k
[10:10pm] Voltaire: o
[10:10pm] Neraka: hm black likes
[10:10pm] Voltaire: thats
[10:10pm] Neraka: LMAO
[10:10pm] Voltaire: rated r
[10:10pm] Voltaire: sir
[10:10pm] Neraka: rated x
[10:10pm] Neraka: ma'am
[10:11pm] Voltaire: this isnt south park
[10:11pm] Neraka: it's porn
[10:11pm] Neraka: I mean
[10:11pm] Neraka: what
[10:11pm] Voltaire: o
[10:11pm] Voltaire: wh0a
[10:11pm] Neraka: ;)

[3:32:14 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: feels like titanic
[3:32:23 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[3:32:23 PM] Blackwolfx99: IKR
[3:32:26 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: "oh i love you" "i love youuuuu" falls into iceburg
[3:32:30 PM] Blackwolfx99: dies
[3:32:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: me:
[3:32:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: oh well
[3:32:35 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: LLMAO
[3:32:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: he was an ass anyway
[3:32:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: you in the after life hearing me say that
[3:32:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: "FUCK YOUU TOO"
[3:32:54 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: LMAO
[3:32:57 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: SAM
[3:33:00 PM] Zorro from HDTV Room: e

[7:18:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: omg I can imagine
[7:18:35 PM] Blackwolfx99: us fighting to take the gun shot
[7:18:39 PM] Blackwolfx99: "MOVE OVER BITCH"
[7:18:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: "NO I'M DYING TODAY ASSHOLE"
[7:18:50 PM] Blackwolfx99: "FUCK NO YOU DON'T"
[7:18:55 PM] Blackwolfx99: the guy with teh gun is like
[7:18:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: "Wtf"
[7:19:04 PM] Zorro: LMAO

[5:23pm] Savage: can i snap my sisters neck
[5:23pm] Savage: She's annoying ;n;
[5:23pm] Savage: and hateful
[5:24pm] Savage: and like me
[5:24pm] Savage: i hate it
[5:24pm] Savage: xc
[5:24pm] blackwolfx99: ♥
[5:24pm] blackwolfx99: no
[5:24pm] blackwolfx99: ,

RosaDeOro Funnies
Back Rosa and Black (Motzii)

[8:57:33 PM] MoustacheBro: i'm doing hw
[8:57:35 PM] MoustacheBro: kmss
[8:57:41 PM] Blackwolfx99: ..
[8:57:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: I read that as
[8:57:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: "kiss me"
[8:57:45 PM] Blackwolfx99: first
[8:57:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: xDDD
[8:57:49 PM] MoustacheBro: lMAO
[8:57:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: LAMO
[8:57:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: TOO FAR
[8:57:56 PM] MoustacheBro: LMAOO

[7:03:22 PM] Blackwolfx99: god
[7:03:23 PM] Blackwolfx99: bitch
[7:03:24 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: thats right
[7:03:24 PM] Blackwolfx99: xD
[7:03:27 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: dipshit
[7:03:30 PM] Blackwolfx99: fucker
[7:03:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: )8C
[7:03:36 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: cow fucker
[7:03:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: o.o
[7:03:48 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: LMAO
[7:03:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: horse dick sucker
[7:03:52 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: oh shit
[7:03:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: their dicks are long though
[7:03:58 PM] Blackwolfx99: .
[7:04:00 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: giraffe asshole
[7:04:01 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: omg
[7:04:03 PM] Blackwolfx99: omg
[7:04:11 PM] Blackwolfx99: dog thruster
[7:04:37 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: hippo dick
[7:04:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: omg i am very thicc thank chu
[7:05:03 PM] RosaDeOro from Movie Theatre: LMFAO

[5:42:24 PM] Blackwolfx99: "I want to be your favorite boy."
[5:42:26 PM] Blackwolfx99: you have a dick now
[5:42:26 PM] Blackwolfx99: owo
[5:42:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: at leaset it's thicc
[5:42:32 PM] RosaDeOro: ..is a strap on ok
[5:42:33 PM] RosaDeOro: JSKSKSKS
[5:42:35 PM] RosaDeOro: JKJK
[5:42:35 PM] Blackwolfx99: shit
[5:42:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: sexy
[5:42:38 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[5:42:52 PM] RosaDeOro: i almost choked on my milkshake
[5:42:54 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[5:42:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: AHHAHAHA

[6:37:38 PM] RosaDeOro: oh damn
[6:37:40 PM] RosaDeOro: big boyo
[6:37:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: .
[6:37:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: you like the big boys
[6:38:03 PM] RosaDeOro: i like them quite big ;) ye
[6:38:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[6:38:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: like meh
[6:38:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: ;D
[6:38:40 PM] RosaDeOro: LOL ;))

[6:38:41 PM] Blackwolfx99: Hey gurl
[6:38:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: I have nie teeth
[6:38:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: oH
[6:38:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: damn
[6:38:50 PM] RosaDeOro: nie
[6:38:52 PM] Sugar daddy: anytime :')
[6:38:54 PM] Blackwolfx99: I only had to say I have nice teeth
[6:38:59 PM] RosaDeOro: nie teeth
[6:39:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: and she's already on my lap ;D
[6:39:28 PM] Blackwolfx99: you're so small LMAO
[6:39:33 PM] Blackwolfx99: this is
[6:39:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: very gay
[6:39:36 PM] RosaDeOro: lOL
[6:39:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: doN"t leT sCOrp knOW

[8:04:40 PM] Blackwolfx99: oh
[8:04:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: it's just us
[8:04:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: ;D
[8:04:45 PM] Blackwolfx99: threesome ;D?
[8:04:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJK
[8:05:05 PM] RosaDeOro: LOL
[8:05:37 PM] Blackwolfx99: (or am hi ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°))
[8:05:43 PM] RosaDeOro: LOL

[5:02:43 PM] Blackwolfx99: RosaDeOro left at 4:42 PM
[5:02:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: RosaDeOro arrived on mobile at 4:57 PM
[5:02:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: 8 minutes my asshole.

[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: I have that msirk
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: when I see my crush
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: uh
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: .
[5:25pm] moth: aka straight girls
[5:25pm] moth: you're the female version of james charles
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: sighs 😩
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: LASHGLSGHES
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: OK
[5:25pm] moth: LMFAO
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: ONE TIME
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: ONE. TIME.
[5:25pm] moth: LMFAOOOo
[5:25pm] Blackwolfx99: DON'T YOU START
[5:26pm] Blackwolfx99: I will steal all your gayness >:c
[5:26pm] moth: LOLL
[5:26pm] moth: and no
[5:26pm] moth: pls

[7:44:19 PM] RosaDeOro: boop
[7:44:22 PM] RosaDeOro: smh
[7:45:06 PM] Blackwolfx99: brah
[7:45:07 PM] Blackwolfx99: come at me
[7:45:24 PM] RosaDeOro: growl
[7:45:33 PM] Blackwolfx99: bitch
[7:45:38 PM] RosaDeOro: bith
[7:45:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: fish sucker
[7:45:45 PM] RosaDeOro: ho
[7:45:54 PM] Blackwolfx99: tail stroker
[7:45:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: .
[7:46:00 PM] RosaDeOro: gasp
[7:46:05 PM] Blackwolfx99: ):O
[7:46:22 PM] Blackwolfx99: erections maker
[7:46:25 PM] RosaDeOro: leinfienf
[7:46:26 PM] Blackwolfx99: OF BUILDLINGS
[7:46:26 PM] RosaDeOro: LOEOKEOKF
[7:46:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: ERECTION OF BUILDINGS
[7:47:37 PM] RosaDeOro: hippo fingerer

[8:08:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: tF womAN
[8:09:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: sexy
[8:09:05 PM] Blackwolfx99: let's dump our bfs
[8:09:07 PM] Blackwolfx99: I want dat lip biting
[8:09:09 PM] Blackwolfx99: dATE ME
[8:09:11 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJKJK
[8:09:11 PM] RosaDeOro: LMAO
[8:09:12 PM] Blackwolfx99: xDDD
[8:09:14 PM] RosaDeOro: NO HOMO
[8:09:17 PM] Blackwolfx99: NO HOMOO
[8:09:27 PM] RosaDeOro: NOPEE

Blackwolfx99 arrived at 4:12 PM
[4:12:27 PM] Blackwolfx99: cx
[4:12:35 PM] RosaDeOro pinned Blackwolfx99 down.
[4:12:38 PM] Blackwolfx99: SCREAMS
[4:12:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: NOT SO FAST
[4:12:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'M NOT READY
[4:12:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: TO BE FUCKED
[4:12:49 PM] RosaDeOro: LOL
[4:12:52 PM] RosaDeOro: READY OR NOT
[4:12:54 PM] RosaDeOro: HERE I COME
[4:12:55 PM] RosaDeOro: ;)
[4:13:06 PM] Blackwolfx99: AW SHIT
[4:13:14 PM] Blackwolfx99: LET ME GET MYSELF HARD FIRST GOD
[4:13:23 PM] RosaDeOro: LMFAOO
[4:13:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: ok
[4:13:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'm ready
[4:13:33 PM] Blackwolfx99: xDDD
[4:13:37 PM] RosaDeOro: omfg
[4:13:38 PM] RosaDeOro: ok
[4:13:39 PM] RosaDeOro: LOL
[4:13:42 PM] RosaDeOro: nO HoMO

[5:48:10 PM] Fercerzer: We're at the alter
[5:48:10 PM] RosaDeOro: when n where
[5:48:11 PM] Fercerzer: marrying
[5:48:11 PM] RosaDeOro: JKJk
[5:48:13 PM] RosaDeOro: yes
[5:48:15 PM] Fercerzer: "FUCK YOU"
[5:48:15 PM] Fercerzer: LMAO
[5:48:16 PM] RosaDeOro: where's the priest
[5:48:17 PM] RosaDeOro: JSKsk
[5:48:20 PM] Fercerzer: Niconi
[5:48:22 PM] Fercerzer: is the priest
[5:48:26 PM] Fercerzer: always
[5:48:31 PM] RosaDeOro: niconi
[5:48:32 PM] RosaDeOro: marry us
[5:48:34 PM] Fercerzer: lmAO
[5:48:37 PM] Fercerzer: rosa
[5:48:39 PM] Fercerzer: why don't I have pupils
[5:48:44 PM] RosaDeOro: i couldnt afford decor because im on a budget-
[5:48:49 PM] RosaDeOro: i
[5:48:53 PM] Fercerzer: <.<
[5:49:02 PM] Fercerzer: you apparently couldn't afford me pupils too
[5:49:04 PM] RosaDeOro: i married u bc -
[5:49:05 PM] RosaDeOro: JSKSK
[5:49:10 PM] Fercerzer: LMAo
[5:49:12 PM] RosaDeOro: i
[5:49:14 PM] RosaDeOro: WHEEZE
[5:49:28 PM] Fercerzer: "Will you take this man...that has no pupils?"
[5:49:35 PM] RosaDeOro: YES I DO
[5:49:38 PM] Fercerzer: LMAO
[5:49:44 PM] RosaDeOro: thts ur best feature
[5:49:51 PM] Fercerzer: "Will you take this woman...who kept giving the wrong size?"
[5:49:54 PM] Fercerzer: I DO
[5:50:00 PM] RosaDeOro: STOPP LAMAOAO
[5:50:03 PM] Fercerzer: LMAOOO

[1:18:38 PM] Droga Cigarro: sorry i was rushing to go get some cake
[1:18:45 PM] Neferet: *steals cake*
[1:18:48 PM] Droga Cigarro: im rlly hungry for whatever reason-
[1:18:52 PM] Droga Cigarro: ok fair enough
[1:18:52 PM] Neferet: this bitch on her period
[1:18:54 PM] Neferet: give the period
[1:18:56 PM] Neferet: i mean
[1:18:57 PM] Droga Cigarro: ok yes
[1:18:59 PM] Neferet: the cake

[8:10:37 PM] Blackwolfx99: woah rosa
[8:10:38 PM] Blackwolfx99: you havea bf
[8:10:40 PM] Blackwolfx99: no cheating
[8:10:51 PM] RosaDeOro: WHAT
[8:10:52 PM] RosaDeOro: LMAo
[8:10:59 PM] Blackwolfx99: you can only cheat on your bf with me
[8:11:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJKJK
[8:11:07 PM] RosaDeOro: NO HOMO
[8:11:11 PM] RosaDeOro: H0m0
[8:11:18 PM] RosaDeOro: all mutual feelings ;)
[8:11:34 PM] RosaDeOro: what am i kidding
[8:11:36 PM] RosaDeOro: im rlly gay.
[8:11:43 PM] RosaDeOro: just
[8:11:43 PM] RosaDeOro: im
[8:11:51 PM] RosaDeOro: trying to stay like bi
[8:11:54 PM] RosaDeOro: bEcAUSE
[8:11:55 PM] RosaDeOro: i have bf
[8:11:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: SNORTS
[8:12:01 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'm really gay too
[8:12:03 PM] Blackwolfx99: you too gay for me
[8:12:13 PM] RosaDeOro: im sorry girls just
[8:12:15 PM] RosaDeOro: have more
[8:12:16 PM] RosaDeOro: to me
[8:12:22 PM] RosaDeOro: .
[8:12:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: wait since I like being called a he are you literally too gay for me
[8:12:37 PM] Blackwolfx99: or
[8:12:40 PM] Blackwolfx99: wiggles eyebrows
[8:12:48 PM] RosaDeOro: ur an exception
[8:12:51 PM] RosaDeOro: wiggles butt
[8:12:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: always
[8:12:53 PM] Blackwolfx99: o H
[8:12:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: n o
[8:12:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: too hot for me
[8:13:08 PM] RosaDeOro: lMAO
[8:13:23 PM] Blackwolfx99: uh
[8:13:30 PM] Blackwolfx99: twirls hair inbetween fingers
[8:13:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: idk how to be sexy
[8:13:38 PM] Bear: JFKDLS mood
[8:13:38 PM] RosaDeOro: omfg
[8:13:42 PM] RosaDeOro: LMAO
[8:13:51 PM] Niconi: smh

[10:16:23 PM] RosaDeOro: i'll buy your plane ticket
[10:16:26 PM] RosaDeOro: and aw
[10:17:28 PM] Blackwolfx99: x.xx
[10:17:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: pFF
[10:17:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: WHERE YA LIVE GIRL
[10:17:39 PM] RosaDeOro: TENNESSEEE
[10:17:44 PM] RosaDeOro: ignore the extra e
[10:17:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[10:17:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: yo girl you the only ten-es-see
[10:17:58 PM] Blackwolfx99: soRRY
[10:18:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: i'M soRRY
[10:18:07 PM] RosaDeOro: LOLLLL

Xyvok arrived at 8:02 PM
[8:02:11 PM] Xyvok: slithers in
[8:02:15 PM] RosaDeOro pinned Xyvok down.
[8:02:18 PM] Xyvok: sHIT
[8:02:19 PM] Xyvok: womAN
[8:02:24 PM] RosaDeOro: lMAO
[8:02:56 PM] RosaDeOro: I LOVE U
[8:03:10 PM] Xyvok: FUCK OFF
[8:03:18 PM] RosaDeOro: dIpSHIT

[3:52:33 PM] Blackwolfx99: ee gtg
[3:52:34 PM] Blackwolfx99: tccc
[3:52:36 PM] Blackwolfx99: cx
[3:52:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: I mean
[3:52:46 PM] Blackwolfx99: fuck off
[3:52:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: bish
[3:52:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: *intense middle finger*

[3:21:47 PM] RosaDeOro released poor Blackwolfx99 from being pinned.
RosaDeOro left at 3:21 PM
GoldenRose arrived at 3:22 PM
[3:22:04 PM] GoldenRose pinned Blackwolfx99 down.
[3:22:23 PM] Blackwolfx99: scRECCHes
[3:22:25 PM] Blackwolfx99: that was fast
[3:22:29 PM] GoldenRose: lmA
[3:22:29 PM] Blackwolfx99: like our sex
[3:22:30 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJKJK
[3:22:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJK
[3:22:31 PM] GoldenRose: lmAO*
[3:22:31 PM] Blackwolfx99: JKJK
[3:22:33 PM] GoldenRose: LMAOAAO

[7:40:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: [Lounge Room - Blackwolfx99, GoldenRose, The-Scorpio]
[7:40:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: *rubs hands together*
[7:41:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'm always the single one with my friends who have a gf/bf
[7:41:02 PM] GoldenRose: oh god
[7:41:02 PM] Blackwolfx99: wiNKs
[7:41:17 PM] GoldenRose: oh lord
[7:41:21 PM] GoldenRose: bLAck
[7:41:22 PM] GoldenRose: nO
[7:41:23 PM] GoldenRose: lmAO
[7:41:25 PM] Blackwolfx99: yES

Other Funnies
Toby and Black (CasArtss)

[4:48:42 PM] Toby: I'M THE BEST IN AUSTRALIA 111!1!!!!1!!
[4:48:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: OOOO
[4:48:50 PM] Blackwolfx99: DO TLELLLL
[4:48:54 PM] Toby: fiTE MEEE
[4:48:56 PM] Toby: IN A
[4:49:03 PM] Toby: ,,
[4:49:11 PM] Blackwolfx99: xDDDD
[4:49:12 PM] Blackwolfx99: nuuu
[4:49:13 PM] Blackwolfx99: xDD
[4:49:42 PM] Toby: whispers in ur ear
[4:49:44 PM] Toby: fiteme
[4:49:54 PM] Blackwolfx99: whispers back
[4:49:57 PM] Blackwolfx99: eatme
[4:50:02 PM] Toby: wigglesmono
[4:50:12 PM] Blackwolfx99: wigglesbutt
[4:50:56 PM] Toby: slaps a piece of bread on ur butt
[4:50:59 PM] Toby: u got some nice buns
[4:51:11 PM] Toby: that was a horrible joke

Blackwolfx99Today at 3:10 PM
least my ass is bigger(edited)
YuymayToday at 3:10 PM
IS IT?????
Blackwolfx99Today at 3:10 PM
you're gonna have to show me :wink: :smirk:
YuymayToday at 3:10 PM
I honestly hate you
Blackwolfx99Today at 3:10 PM
omg I swear we're not dating

[6:03pm] Scur: Nekare adopted me
[6:03pm] Scur: *snort*
[6:03pm] Cordionous: LOL
[6:03pm] Cordionous: and your father is the Dragon Powers Owner Admin Panel

[7:50pm] blackwolfx99: just entered
[7:50pm] pamme: blacky ur back
[7:51pm] pamme: no wait
[7:51pm] pamme: blacky ur black

[7:48am] Blackwolfx99: just entered
[7:48am] Shade: just entered
[7:48am] Shade: Greetings
[7:48am] Blackwolfx99: Hwwo
[7:48am] Blackwolfx99: t h o n gs
[7:48am] Shade: As in what you put on your feet? XD
[7:48am] Blackwolfx99: y es
[7:49am] Blackwolfx99: you do know what it means in America right xD
[7:49am] Shade: Ride up your butt panties XD
[7:49am] Blackwolfx99: I watched a video on the differences between American, Aussie, and British-
[7:49am] Blackwolfx99: xDDDD
[7:49am] Blackwolfx99: omfg I have to show this to my Aussie friend

[6:04pm] Blackwolfx99: this feels weird
[6:04pm] Blackwolfx99: my crotch isn't this big

[8:57pm] Sioux: prances
[8:57pm] Blackwolfx99: wow
[8:57pm] Blackwolfx99:
[8:57pm] Sioux: i read sluts
[8:57pm] Sioux: ok
[8:57pm] Blackwolfx99: <
[8:57pm] Blackwolfx99: WOW
[8:57pm] Sioux: shUSh
[8:58pm] Sioux: i have 4 buckets of rum
[8:58pm] Sioux: surprised i made it home woithout dying
[8:58pm] Sioux: like i had that drunk moment where i forgot the engine was running and the starter screamed at me
[8:58pm] Blackwolfx99: read that as "i have 4 buckets of cum"
[8:58pm] Blackwolfx99: ok we're both bad
[8:58pm] Sioux: >____>

[7:34pm] Kurcan: hweeo large noodle :>
[7:37pm] Noxus: >
[7:37pm] Noxus: Hi smol
[7:37pm] Kurcan: wiggles
[7:37pm] Kurcan: do u like children
[7:38pm] Kurcan: That sounded creepy-
[7:39pm] lesbian: yes officer this one right here
[7:39pm] Kurcan: LOL
[7:39pm] Noxus: LMAO

[7:05:45 PM] Blackwolfx99: tugs scorp
[7:05:45 PM] Blackwolfx99: get
[7:05:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: your gay ass
[7:05:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: over here
[7:05:50 PM] The-Scorpio: fu
[7:05:50 PM] The-Scorpio: ck
[7:05:50 PM] The-Scorpio: no
[7:05:56 PM] Blackwolfx99: eXquEeSE you
[7:06:01 PM] Blackwolfx99 pinned The-Scorpio down.
[7:06:04 PM] Blackwolfx99: eat my asshole
[7:06:05 PM] The-Scorpio: hell no
[7:06:08 PM] Blackwolfx99: hell yes
[7:06:11 PM] The-Scorpio: that things been places
[7:06:12 PM] The-Scorpio: smh
[7:06:17 PM] Blackwolfx99: only shit
[7:06:22 PM] The-Scorpio: gay
[7:06:24 PM] Blackwolfx99: I ain't doing no anal
[7:06:28 PM] Blackwolfx99: very gya
[7:06:47 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'm keeping you pinned until Rosa comes back
[7:06:52 PM] The-Scorpio: hah bitch u can't
[7:06:52 PM] Blackwolfx99: fucking inhale my asshole
[7:06:57 PM] The-Scorpio: i can leave whenever i want
[7:07:00 PM] Blackwolfx99: fuck off
RosaDeOro arrived at 7:07 PM
[7:07:05 PM] The-Scorpio broke free from being pinned by Blackwolfx99.
[7:07:10 PM] Blackwolfx99: HA
[7:07:11 PM] Blackwolfx99: SHE" SBACK
[7:07:13 PM] The-Scorpio: Damnit
[7:07:16 PM] The-Scorpio: u got lucky u fucking

5:34pm] Takatia: you get my age
[5:34pm] Cordionous: 23>
[5:34pm] Takatia: yes
[5:34pm] Cordionous: still young
[5:34pm] Cordionous: I mean
[5:34pm] Cordionous: dino age
[5:34pm] Cordionous: cough
[5:34pm] Takatia: >:O
[5:34pm] Cordionous: xDDDDDDDDD

[6:25pm] Blackwolfx99: pats mid with pixel stick leg
[6:26pm] Midnightfang: But you don't have the pixel stick leg here??
[6:26pm] Midnightfang: Unless you just carry it around or something
[6:26pm] Blackwolfx99: LMAO
[6:26pm] Blackwolfx99: I CARRY IT AROUND
[6:26pm] Midnightfang: "Tf is that?" "My leg" "Oh okay cool"

[7:18pm] Blackwolfx99 is away: Alert! Human4 was chased off by Fish1 for the follow reasons: I am a fishy and have done the slap slap

[5:41pm] Blackwolfx99: "Alert!: Panties4 has been banned from Cat Paw Island by Partner1 for the following reasons: Do we really need that?"

[6:16pm] Marblehead: i'm an animal, what can i say
[6:17pm] Blackwolfx99: "jusT liKE aNImALs, anImALs, aWOOOO"
[6:17pm] Marblehead: awoo, awoo
[6:17pm] Quill: moo.

[11:09pm] Blackwolfx99: Is Shade dead
[11:09pm] Blackwolfx99: Maybe we can cook her
[11:10pm] WinterHare: Maybe
[11:10pm] Blackwolfx99: What do you think she'll taste like
[11:10pm] WinterHare: I am hungry
[11:10pm] Blackwolfx99: I could use a before-bed-time snack
[11:10pm] Blackwolfx99: Roast, boil, grill, panfry?
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: If she's roasted she'll be pretty juicy inside.
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: Panfry might not cook her all the way properly
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: Don't want any of her parasites
[11:11pm] WinterHare: You cook snacks?
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: It's a snack if it's between us right
[11:11pm] WinterHare: Idk
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: You want Shade's upper half or lower half?
[11:11pm] Blackwolfx99: Brains or butt?
[11:12pm] WinterHare: I think this is someone's "interest"
[11:12pm] Blackwolfx99: Stop it, we're not eating her in that you, ya nasty.
[11:13pm] WinterHare: I can't help it XD I'm a furry
[11:13pm] WinterHare: I grew up on the internet
[11:13pm] Blackwolfx99: So did I >.>
[11:13pm] Blackwolfx99: Brains always in the gutter
[11:13pm] WinterHare: Yep
[11:14pm] Blackwolfx99: We're horrible xD

[8:59:32 PM] The-Scorpio: Touch my face
[8:59:34 PM] The-Scorpio: it's soft
[8:59:35 PM] Blackwolfx99: <.<
[8:59:38 PM] Blackwolfx99: SHOVES ROSA TO YOU
[8:59:40 PM] Blackwolfx99: ROSA
[8:59:41 PM] The-Scorpio: TOUCH IT
[8:59:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: TOUCH HIM
[8:59:44 PM] The-Scorpio: TOUCH ITTtt
[8:59:44 PM] Blackwolfx99: HISS
[8:59:48 PM] Blackwolfx99: I AIN'T TOUCHING YOU
[9:00:02 PM] The-Scorpio: I DON'T GIVE A FLOCK
[9:00:03 PM] The-Scorpio: TOUCH IT
[9:00:09 PM] The-Scorpio: RUBS FACE VIOLENTLY ON YOU
[9:00:16 PM] Blackwolfx99: SCREECHES
[9:00:19 PM] Blackwolfx99: I AM BEING VIOLATED

[7:09:32 PM] Blackwolfx99: get your
[7:09:35 PM] Blackwolfx99: ass over her
[7:09:39 PM] The-Scorpio: nah
[7:09:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: fUCK you
[7:09:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: actually no
[7:09:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: ew
[7:09:51 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'm too gay for that
[7:09:54 PM] The-Scorpio: hakuna matata
[7:10:07 PM] Blackwolfx99: I'll shove a dildo up your asshole

[10:14:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: have ya stalkered it
[10:14:42 PM] Blackwolfx99: lMAO
[10:14:49 PM] Blackwolfx99: "have ya stalkered it"
[10:15:14 PM] Blackwolfx99: my new tagline boi
[10:15:39 PM] Toby: oh yee bOi
[10:16:29 PM] Blackwolfx99: xD

[8:47pm] Cordionous: kinky shit Rip
[8:47pm] Cordionous: ooops
[8:47pm] Cordionous: all ages
[8:47pm] Cordionous: .
[8:47pm] Nightfeather: < No swearing in an all age room
[8:47pm] Nightfeather: -slow at typing-
[8:47pm] GumballWatterson: LOL HAHA

» Blackwolfx99 «Today at 10:01 PM
"But girl you know I'm drowning"
"Aww is that lyrics from Drowning by East of Den?"
» Karea «Today at 10:01 PM
» Blackwolfx99 «Today at 10:02 PM
"I'm drowning in liquor and apathy, will be the death of you."

[4:47pm] Blackwolfx99: just entered
[4:47pm] Blackwolfx99: SCREAMS AT MARBLEHEAD
[4:48pm] Blackwolfx99: *pats head with figet spinner before sliding away*
[4:48pm] Blackwolfx99: C:
[4:48pm] Blackwolfx99: just left

[8:53pm] Blackwolfx99: pwease pwuzzwle weth meh
[8:54pm] Reese: sO NEeDy

[5:28pm] Reese: bites black
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: I haven't been to-
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: MOANS.
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: jkjk
[5:29pm] Reese: oh
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: oh
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: this is awkward
[5:29pm] Reese: it was supereffective
[5:29pm] Blackwolfx99: you know it ;)

[7:20pm] Cellios: No eating children Wrenn
[7:23pm] Wrenn: just try and stop me

[9:57pm] Kurcan: reaches up to boop wrenn
[10:16pm] Wrenn: bits
[10:16pm] Wrenn: bites
[10:22pm] Kurcan: no like my affection D:
[10:26pm] Wrenn: f i n e

[2:00pm] Kurcan: crush my bones
[2:00pm] Astoria: rubs eyes
[2:00pm] Wrenn: is this some fetish
[2:00pm] Kurcan: on your part, probably
[2:00pm] Wrenn: not denying that
[2:01pm] Kurcan: LMAO

Black (Denied)

You're the sun.
You light up my life.
You give me warmth and love.
You're the moon.
You're always there.
You have a hidden side of you.
I've always seen the sun of you.
But the times you showed me your moon's hidden side.
Although I did not love that side,
I accept it, all of it.
You're like an ellipse.
The hidden moon has covered the sun of you.
And oh, how my heart yearns to see that sun.
To feel the sun.
Maybe I'm a fool to hope.
But I've always have been a fool for you.
And so that spark of hope is always there.
For you are my greatest pain and greatest love.

Flower Divider

Instagram Discord DeviantArt ToyHouse ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯

Alyca Debnam-Carey (As Lexa from The 100)

Cordionous (Viisrah)

All the trust we built up,
I'm foolish to think you were in love.
It's funny how it all ends.
I have the memory of who you were,
but things have changed and you're a smoking gun.
You take your aim and point the blame.
You've lied to everyone, but I know the truth.
So save your lies, behind those blue eyes.

Flower Divider


Black (Miyuuma)

Black (Bear-Hybrid)

I often think of what we could have been.
Without the lies.
Without the hurt.
Without the pain.
But it seemed like all a dream.
Everything we did.
Everything we had.
Everything we were.
I continue on with this nightmare.
But I yearn for that dream to come to me again.
Because you were a dream that made me only feel love.

Fower Divider

Denied Denied&Nekare Denied&Rosa RosaDeOro All My Friends ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯

Chyler Leigh (As Alex Danvers from Supergirl)

Denied Words
Denied and Black (Waxaman)

I was blind
I thought I could love no one else more than her.
But your love has uncovered the blindfold I put over my own eyes.
Your love showed me that I can and do love someone more than her.
Not the same love.
A stronger love.
A deeper love.
An everlasting love.
You showed me that someone does love me more than she did.
That you have always loved me more than she did.
And because of all the love you've given to me,
I will die for you and live for you.
I love you with all my heart.

I need you to see that,
You're beautiful.
You're loving.
You're loyal.
You're loved.
By him and I; with everything we have.
I need you to see that,
You don't hurt us,
You love us.
I need you to see that,
The only reason we cry over you is because,
We would die for you.
We would live for you.
We would do anything for you.
I need you to see that,
We love you for everything you are.
We will always help you.
We are always there for you.
We will always, always love you.

You and I.
Your love strengthens, fills me, and heals me.
I see the most beautiful mind and soul in you.
Your soul and mine,
always together,
always there for each other.
My soul sister,
when you're with me,
and I'm with you,
our friendship,
and love,
are the strongest things in the world.

My soul sister,
you're so amazing,
you're so beautiful,
you are the person I treasure most.
Truly, I trust you with anything and everything.
You have saved me over and over again,
even when no one else could.
I would do anything for you.
You mean everything to me.
The bond we share,
the loyalty we have,
the understanding we have,
the trust we built,
and the thing that means the most to me,
the love we share.

The bond we share.
The love with give.
The care we show.
It all combines to create
Our love, care, bond;
I hold dear to my heart.
Soul sister,
our souls will forever be
companions, supporters, friends, and sisters.

Her poems for me.

You're wonderful.
You're great.
You're special.
You're unique.
You're perfect.
You're you.
I couldn't ask for a better soulsister,
I love you so damn much♥
I hate being judged for how I look,
how I dress,
how I act,
what I do,
what I think,
but it's bitter sweet,
because that helps me realize
i'm unique.
But you, Black,
You make me feel unique without ever knocking me down
and I thank you for that
if I ever lose contact with you,
or if something happens,
you will always be in my heart.
Sorry that I'm not the kindest or the sweetest soul sister
or the most loving
and I'm sorry that I push you away
or ignore you
and just flat out hurt you
and it absolutely destroys me
but do know
that I love you with everything I have

Denied and Nekare Words
Denieda and Black (SmolSaltball)

Your eyes shine like the ocean
Bright, beautiful, and full of life
But just as the ocean, there is a dark side of you
A side that is so dark, it pulls you in and doesn't let go
Some will help lift you to the light if you start going down
Some will do nothing and watch you struggle to breath
Some will push you down even further
Until you can't breath
Until you can only see darkness
Until you finally...drown
Life is beautiful but deadly
Surround yourself with those who lift you
Who help you
Who understand you
Who care for you
Who love you
And some darkness will still be there
Just as the trenches of the ocean are always there
But with help, love, support, and understanding
Although not guaranteed to never see the darkness
You'll never stay far from the light

Denied and RosaDeOro Words
Denied and Black (Carmadarla)

The two parts of my soul.
My soul sister,
My soul would shatter if I lost you.
And because of you,
my soul is the only thing that hasn't been broken yet
I thank you so much.
I love you so much,
and I will forever.
My parallel soul,
you've been there with understanding.
Even when no one else could.
I will always be there for you.
Te quiero
Thank you both of you.
You two are the reason I've held on,
kept on loving, and stayed myself
I love you two so damn much.

RosaDeOro Words
Rosa and Black (WEREW0LFE)
Your warmth is so true.
Your love is so special.
I will hold on forever,
to everything we have.
The love,
and everything we share.
My parallel soul,
I love you.

All My Friends Words
Black (BoogaMouse)
Some of you
Have been there for me for a long time,
Have been there more than others,
Have been the one who saved me,
Have been the one who truly understood,
Have been the one I adored,
Have been the one I love with all my heart,
Have been the one who got my heart racing,
Have been so supportive.
And some of you
Have drifted,
Have left,
Have erased me,
Have even grown dislike or hate me.
But I remember the love and support we shared.
I will always remember.
For no matter how long,
How much
Where you are now,
You supported me,
You helped me,
You loved me,
And I will forever
Love the time we have/had.

Black (xXCougarXx)
Everything reminds me of you.
And as I think back,
I remember how we were.
And I shouldn't after all you've done, but I do.
I miss you so much.
I miss you with my whole heart.
Perhaps my heart knows you truly do love me.
Perhaps my heart was deceived by you.
Either way, I still feel the same.
I still love you for who you were.
I still think of you.
I miss you.
But in the dead of night, you went dark on me...

Flower Divdier

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Beauty in Darkness (Blackwolfx99)

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